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DM Tots will be aimed at Toddlers from age 15months-35 months and will thereafter feed in to the Dance Mouse syllabus at Pre schools from 36mths (3yrs) in a class structure. 
The Dance Mouse Tots syllabus will incorporate the following:


Tots Class Breakdown

Beginner class- 1.3yrs -2yrs: (15mths-24mths) classes will be 20-minute duration for toddlers only. With parents participation - 40min

Advanced class- 2yrs-2.11yrs: (24mths-35mths) classes will be 20-minute duration for toddlers only. With parents participation 40min

Syllabus Breakdown

1. Warm-ups from head to toe, “toes to noes” & A Dance Mouse Jiggle- Teaching toddlers about the fact that warm-up is very important and aims at teaching that warm up is the preparation for all dancers.

2. Dance Techniques- Teaching basic dance techniques, posture, head positions, Arm positions & lines, dance hands, feet positions -to name a few…….. The emphasis will focus on fun through repetition in order to teach them basic dance techniques.

3. Proprioception- Where they belong in space, taught with various props i.e. hedgehogs, wobble boards, Pilates small balls, ribbons, scarves, noodles, dough, liquid & much more……..

4. Rhythm & Music- teaching musicality and timing – using different instruments i.e. triangles, shakers, rhythm sticks etc

5. Direction-Formations- Basic steps teaching movement and space through different directions.

6. Strengthening exercises reaching large muscle groups.

7. Stretching Exercises developing large muscle groups.

8. Dances- it is vitally important for them to learn to dance as movement and rhythm is a natural instinct in children.

9. Dance Mouse team war cry- a team song.

10. Calming time- to promote security in toddlers where classical music is played which both stimulates and calms the brain as lie and enjoy their sucky cup or a cuddle in the arms of mom, dad or caregiver.

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