Dance Mouse Parties

Looking for something different for your childs next birthday?


We are always the right move if you looking to step up your party!

Party Details


We offer a 45min or 90min party which will include a warm up, 2-3 dance forms. The 90min party will include proprioception skills and silk.


Please select 2 or 3 of the below dance forms:

  • Hip-hop

  • Cheerleading (We will supply Girls with pom poms and boys with flags)

  • Cowboy/ Rock n roll (Hats will be supplied)

  • Freestyle dance

  • Latin American (Only for Grd 1-7)

  • Disco (Only Grd 1-7)

  • Nursery Rhymes (Grd000-0)

For proprioception we like to do silk training but require a secure place to hang the silk. If there is not a secure place we will bring ribbons, balance boards, hula hoops and hedgehogs to create a fun dancing obstacle course.

Pricing 45 Minutes

1-20 Children = R950 (1 Teacher)

21 - 40 Children = R1500 (2 Teachers)

Pricing 90 Minutes

1-20 Children = R1500 (1 Teacher)

21 - 40 Children = R2250 (2 Teachers)



A step to the left, a step to the right a Dance Mouse party is always the right step!

Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops

So much more than just swinging a hula hoop around your hips!

Hip hop

Hip hop

Some cool faces to go with those cool moves!

Party March 2015

Party March 2015

A hula hoop race to remember

Kara Turner Party

Kara Turner Party

Some fun with Pom Poms

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