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Interested in your school joining the DM FAMILY?

15 Months - 35 Months

Grd 000 - Grd 0

Grd 1 - Grd 12

Grd 000 - Grd 7


Our intra-mural program aims to:


  • Teach age appropriate stretch and strengthening exercises CORRECTLY!

  • Expose children to various forms of dance in a fun and fit way

  • Improve children's balance, co-ordination, flexibility and overall proprioception skills 

  • Work with teachers to assist children who are struggling in various areas (gross motor, posture, direction ect)

  • Get children moving using various form of equipment and SO MUCH MORE...

Benefits to the school


  • Individual termly reports emailed directly to the parent or school

  • Registers for attendance

  • Assist with school concert dances

  • We bring our own equipment, child friendly music and awesome trainers

  • Tailor made to suite your school and timetable


Please note: Our class structure and intra-mural structures are different.   


Contact us for more info and for our various pricing options

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